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warrior_lethe's Journal

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Path of Radiance's Lethe is property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. This journal is just fictional, and no profits are being made whatsoever. No suing, mkay?

Lethe is a beast tribe laguz from the Gallian cat clan in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. From the beginning of the PoR storyline, she's had a rooted hatred for all beorcs; she's never forgotten the time in which laguz were treated like slaves. Yet, her feelings and opinions about at least the Greil Mercenaries have changed. Though, she still keeps them at arms length. She also doesn't hate all things beorc, for she's been using a knife for a tool in cutting off chunks of food for example.

She's fierce, strong, and has her own troops back in Gallia. One of the tiger laguz, Mordecai, had been chosen by the king besides Lethe herself to fight alongside with Ike and company. Ranulf, another cat laguz, is their superior.

The picture in the Bio there is what Lethe looks like in cat form. She fights and hunts in this form.